Birth Of LFD

The word dojo is often misused and misunderstood today. But, its original meaning precisely captures the nature and purpose of Lotus Flower Dojo. Dojo is a Japanese rendering of the original Sanskrit word bodhimanda. Bodhimanda means ‘the place of awakening.’ This meaning is directly associated with the experience of the Buddha. After six years of extremely intense spiritual practices he abandoned all of it to discover Truth for himself.

The Buddha decided to sit under a bodhi tree and meditate until enlightenment occurred. He was successful and therefore this tree, its seeds and his meditation method have carried immense meaning for thousands of years. Dojos traditionally were physically attached to other buildings and used exclusively for meditation. With the passage of time, they became places where both meditation and martial arts were harmoniously integrated together and practiced in a single space.

Lotus Flower Dojo continues the traditional and original reason for the emergence of dojos…practicing meditation to gain wisdom. Participants take wisdom gained through meditation practices, deep introspection and meaningful exchanges with others to heal from racial trauma. Our events and gatherings are sanctuaries for training in spiritual & mental martial arts. ¬†Lotus Flower Dojo is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization. EIN: 85-2054939.

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