Meditation & Vipassana

“…seeing things as they really are”

Vipassana practice began thousands of years ago and Buddhist have been using it as an extremely effective way to resolve many mind and spiritual afflictions. Modern western therapeutic practices have no equivalent to vipassana. The word itself means “to see things as they really are.” The practice is quite intense and life changing. This meditation is built on the tradition and belief that we absolutely can know Truth and reality. Vipassana relies on sustained systematic deep self-observation to achieve its end. It is a seated practice that begins with strict methodical observation of one’s physical body, its sensations and so on into emotions and finally thoughts.

In the Buddha’s time, vipassana was done for several weeks at a time. Ultimately, it has been withered down to a minimum of 10 days. Vipassana is done in complete silence for the entire time. Many find this excruciatingly difficult the first few hours or days. But, it is a powerful tool for healing trauma and transcending it forever. Lotus Flower Dojo utilizes vipassana, and chan Buddhist style meditation, as its primary healing modalities. The nature of racism, and the deep trauma is causes, requires an ultra potent antidote. Therefore, Lotus Flower Dojo offers single day, 3-day, 7-day and 10-day silent vipassana style meditations. We also provide chan Buddhist style meditation services on a regular basis that help participants deal with their trauma. The chan meditation practice may also prove very helpful for those who eventually desire to try vipassana. Our meditation services and programs are offered in person (when socially safe to do so) and online.

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